Unity, consistency, spirituality, self-discipline, self-discovery.
— Andrea
Community, diversity, knowledge, inclusivity, passionate ...
— Soledad
Peace. And the ducks! (Appart from all the wonderful words mentioned above of course!)
— Nicola
Community, peace, freedom, nurture, kindness.
— Asha
Building through a great foundation, creating awareness of self and others. Exploration physically and mentally.
— Radhika
Community, contentment, individuality, knowledge and awareness. As well as all the above. I guess you find whatever you’re looking for.
— Mireia
Renewal, community, discovery, creativity, empowering and of course, intercultural!
— Sarah
Community, devotion, persistence, nurture, kindness.
— Eirini
I feel that Yama offers a rare platform operating with pure passion for “Learning” and “Sharing”, “Empowering” and “Connecting” people of all background and interests, absolutely without discrimination.
— Erin
Community, development, mentorship, safe space, diversity.
— Pam
Authenticity, self-enquiry, personal growth, strength, resilience.
— Juliet
Connection, light, bliss, energy, honesty.
— Ghazal
Love, community, evolve, awareness, inspiration.
— Anji
Space, community, creativity, home, happy place.
— Federica

Reviews from our students:

“Just felt compelled to say thank you for making me feel so welcome at Yama Yoga during my stay in Doha recently. I have now returned to the UK and will never forget your teaching in particular but also all the classes I attended and the general vibe. Undoubtedly the highlight of my stay. “ - Steve Osman, visiting musician

Yama Yoga is by far the best yoga experience I ever had. The level of tuition and attention to detail from the instructors is second to none. I learned more in the 2 years I attended classes with Yama Yoga then I did in the previous 6 years of going to different classes around the region. “ - Helen Cullina