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At Yama Yoga we offer many different yoga classes to suit both your physical and spiritual needs. Our classes range from softer classes such as beginner yoga, slow flow, prenatal or yin to more dynamic, intermediate classes such as Vinyasa & Astanga Mixed Levels. We also offer advanced classes such as Astanga 2/3 and Vinyasa 2/3 etc. 

Appart from yoga, we also offer aerial, pilates, dance, meditation, and of course many options for kids such as ballet, hip-hop, yoga, and more. We are also a wellness studio and offer Ayurvedic massage sessions as well as Childbirth education courses and baby massages. 

In our monthly schedule, you will notice that we also offer courses lasting anywhere from a couple of sessions to 8 weeks.  Most courses can be attended occasionally as a "drop-in" class, but we do suggest signing up to the entire course for the best results and value for money. 



Beginner's Yoga: 

Whether its been a while since your last yoga class and you are looking to review the basic structure of poses, or whether you are new to yoga and are ready to begin developing your practice, this fun, challenging and supportive class will help you ease into a confident practice.



Vinyasa Yoga:

Literally, Vinyasa translates as ‘flow and breath’. The flowing, dynamic form of yoga is connected to breath, in that the transitions are embodied as linkages within and between poses. 

Vinyasa 1/2 : Drop in class designed to introduce students to flow based vinyasa forms.

Vinyasa 2/3: A dynamic practice for mixed levels or those who are ready for a challenge

Core Vinyasa: It’s all about core! A fun, energizing class that will mix up a variety of focused plank work, core- oriented standing postures, intense floor work and leads up to playful inversions and arm balances. 



Astanga Yoga:

This classical form of yoga is taught in the traditional sequence of postures created by founder K. Pattabhi Jois. It combines power and flexibility with movement, bandhas, and breath to produce an energetic and detoxifying practice.

Astanga 1: (Level 1/2 class) Drop-in class designed to introduce students to the astanga standing and closing series.

Astanga 2/3:  This class is open for mixed levels, those who are focused and looking for a vigorous practice.



Iyengar Yoga:

Named after and developed by B.K.S Iyengar, this is a form of Hatha Yoga that has an emphasis on detail, precision and alignment in the performance of postures and breath control. The development of strength, mobility and stability is gained through these asanas (postures). 

Iyengar Yoga often makes use of props (such as belts, blocks, and blankets) as aids in your practice.  This minimizes the risk of injury or strain, and makes the postures accessible to all practitioners. 

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Aerial practice is done using a silk or hammock that is hooked from the ceiling. The fabric is used as a prop to support alignment, flexibility, strength, and balance. 

We offer aerial for beginners, aerial yoga, aerial fitness, and aerial core. All classes are suitable for beginners, but we do suggest attending the “beginner aerial” class if you have never tried it before.

Our Aerial classes introduce the fundamentals incorporating inversions and more complicated moves depending on the level of the attendees. Regardless, the students will be able to explore their yoga and fitness practice and relaxation techniques in a whole new way.



Rocket Yoga: 

A dynamic and fast-paced flowing form of yoga which promises to get you to “fitness nirvana” faster. Students are guided through 142 poses in 75 minutes, beginning with salutation warm ups and ending with a deep relaxation. Students are encouraged to modify or substitute for the traditional asana (posture) which allows the sequence to be accessible to all.


Prenatal Yoga:

Prenatal Yoga is an introductory class designed to help mothers to be feel their best during pregnancy and to help them prepare physically and emotionally for the upcoming event.

Pre-Natal Flow: A class that is designed for those mamas-to-be who have a steady yoga practice. We will work through variations of sun salutations and focus on many problem areas for expectant moms. All stages of pregnancy are welcome.

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Back Care Yoga: 

Move beyond asana practice into the more subtle practices of yoga with this simple yet deeply meaningful class. This class is designed for those suffering from back pain and aims to create a safe and supporting environment in which you can develop a healthier, stronger and more flexible spine. The class introduces a wide range of useful yoga poses and breathing techniques that will help ease back pain.



Yin Yoga: 

If you are looking for a soothing, meditative practice this is the class for you. Developed by Paul Grilley Yin Yoga is a style of yoga which targets the connective tissue of the hips, pelvis and lower spine through poses which are held for longer periods of time, typically up to five minutes, instead of the usual five to eight breaths. Many people find that this practice has a transformative effect on both body and mind.

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Roll & Release:

Roll and Release is a safe and very effective technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the Myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. The class introduces this practice through self massage with tennis balls before moving into guided breath and meditation work.



Yoga for Kids & Teens:

This class encourages and supports children in their evolution into responsible and self-aware adults. The benefits of kids yoga can include: fitness, flexibility, balance, relaxation and stress release, an approach to self-knowledge, an appreciation for the breath.

Kids (Age 4-8) | Tween Yoga (Ages 7-13) | Teen Yoga (Ages 13 - 18) 



Teen Mindfulness: 

Teen mindfulness teaches teens the art of paying attention to the present moment, with kindness and curiosity, so we can learn to choose our behavior. In simple words, mindfulness increases our ability to listen, feel, respond, and be aware. This class is taught in a secular manner, using age-appropriate games, movement, and meditations. Your teen will learn valuable life skills to:

Decrease stress and anxiety, improve focus, mood, and resilience, navigate difficult emotions, control impulses, nurture compassion. positivity and self-acceptance.



Sound Therapy:

Sound Therapy is called “Adhyayanam” in Sanskrit, as it lets us journey towards our higher self. It is a tool that helps us remember that eternal voice inside our heart. One of the most subtle and most powerful tools of the Vedic tradition that can bring about incredible energetic shifts.





Pilates classes are safe, simple, yet powerful. Benefits of pilates are longer, leaner muscles, core strength & stability, injury prevention, relief from stress & back pain, better posture, improved balance, enhanced athletic performance, mind & body awareness, weight loss and better quality of life. Pilates benefits can go on and on, so come see for yourself what pilates can do for you and your body. We offer a variety of matwork classes: 

Intro To Pilates is the starting point if you are new to Pilates or need to revise.

Mixed level Pilates revisits the Pilates ABCs (Alignment, Breathing and Core Stability) and intro- duces a range of new exercises.

Dynamic Pilates  is a flowing, mat-based class incorporating small equipment: toning circles, stretch bands and balls.

Advanced Pilates requires experience and will take you through the main Pilates Matwork reper- toire.

Core Pilates delivers a satisfying work- out with strengthening, body-shaping effects. 

Usually these classes are presented as a course*, but you may drop in whenever you like. 

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Usually, dance classes are offered as a course.

We offer different dance classes for adults ranging for Ballet to Bollywood and Broadway Jazz.

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Dance for Kids*:

These classes are offered as a course and you need to sign up!

We offer different dance classes for kids ranging from Hip Hop to Modern Dance and Ballet.