Our Courses

In addition to our weekly classes, we offer various courses throughout the year. Although we prefer if you sign up prior to the start of the course, most courses accept drop-ins. For more information please contact us! 


Intro to Yoga 

Learn breathing techniques, basics and fundamentals of poses, and experience deep relaxation. The 6 week course will prepare you to join any of the regular Yama Yoga classes. 

Body Control Pilates

Our dedicated teachers are highly qualified, trained & certified with Body Control Pilates, UK. We offer 6-week courses for beginners and more advanced students.

Child Birth Education

This thorough CBE program is designed to provide you and your support partner with the information and skills you need to approach the birth process with confidence and skill.

Mommy & Me

Mummy yoga and baby massage classes are a fun way to reconnect with your body while learning how to soothe your baby, relieve tummy upsets and learn to understand your baby’s non-verbal language. 

Salsa Dance

Dive into Latin American culture with this introduction  to salsa for you and/or your dance partner. You will learn with an experienced columbian dancer from Candela Entertainment & Occasions. 

Tai Chi

This course will take you through the basics of Tai Chi with different versions for all levels. Combine balance, coordination and flexibility training to strengthen the body gently with a “no pain, more gain” philosophy. 

Kids Ballet

The art of ballet is known for developing self-expression and confidence, body coordination, socialization and music culture. This is a great course for learning discipline while making friends! 

Kids & Teens Modern Dance

This expressive dance style will teach students how to tell stories and connect with an audience through the art of movement. While emphasizing the fun of dance, it will teach children the basics of modern dance. 

Bollywood Dance

Inspired by the beautiful dancing style of timeless films like Devdas, and more recent classics like Bajirao Mastani, these particular bolly- wood dance classes offer a stylish, feminine, intricate dance style. We focus on hand gestures – a key feature of Indian dance, while learn- ing several routines to both classic and modern hit Bollywood songs. If you are looking for Kathak or Classical Indian Dance, look no further. This course is for you!

Kids & Teens Hip Hop

This course is dedicated to helping students develop into their full potential, by boosting their confidence and performance skills. An exciting ‘Dance Concert Recital’ is prepared at the end of the year. 


Return to your passion for ballet or explore a new form for a new year! Throughout this course we will learn the basics ballet positions, experience exercising with the bar, and prepare for more advanced dance moves.